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Infosys helps customers gain competitive advantage with Azure AI

Infosys created a transformative solution to help a leading global food and beverage company determine competitor product recipes, a key part of competitive intelligence. Traditionally, the customer relied on food labs to determine the makeup of competitor products, an expensive and time-consuming process. Using Azure ML, Infosys developed ML models that automatically reverse-engineer product formulations using publicly available information, such as nutrition data and labels.

Lumen’s Paul Savill shares his view from the edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lumen is having a big year. The company was born in September 2020, when telecommunications company CenturyLink announced a rebrand to Lumen Technologies and brought to the forefront a focus on furthering human progress through technology. Transform spoke with Paul Savill, senior vice president of Product Portfolio Strategy and Alliances for Lumen Technologies, about the alliance between Lumen and Microsoft, and what it means for the enterprise world.

The Autonomous Journey: How CPG Firms Can Transform Supply Chain Demand Planning

Demand disruption has been a huge challenge for consumer packaged goods (CPG) supply chain management in 2020, and it will continue to be a big issue going forward. As we discussed in an earlier blog post, one part of solving supply-chain demand disruption is to improve planning. Sophisticated forecasts and demand sensing, powered by machine learning (ML), are key for making planning more accurate and efficient. Order allocation, which is critical for optimizing operations and maximizing revenue, is even more important for responding to demand volatility.

Azure Arc helps companies get a handle on hybrid IT management

Last year, Microsoft enabled customers to simplify hybrid management with Azure Arc, a bridge to help companies run Azure services across environments and clouds, while maintaining consistent management and security. Businesses that have adopted Azure Arc have realized real-life advantages in development, deployment and ongoing management that are helping organizations focus on their core missions.

Data-driven Demand Planning: Managing Disruption in CPG with ML and Demand Sensing

Even in normal times, demand volatility is a constant challenge for consumer packaged goods (CPG) supply chain management. But these are not normal times. The COVID-19 pandemic has upped the ante, completely disrupting supply chain planning. Supply chain teams that are struggling to keep up can attest to the fact that sophisticated tools are needed to get supply chains back on track in the new normal. Advanced machine learning (ML) tools can work alongside existing systems to help ease the burden of creating operational forecasts in a volatile business environment.