RootMetrics blog | Home-buying wish list: ‘70s appliances out, good mobile signal in

When it’s time to buy a home, we all have our wish lists. In the ‘60s, that might have included shag carpet, and in the ‘70s, it might have been an avocado-green stove. But styles change, and those dream-house wish lists change as well. Today, when we are so dependent on our mobile phones, good mobile signal definitely makes the list when it comes to searching for the perfect home to buy.

In fact, for many Americans, mobile phone signal is a more important factor in choosing a home than schools, recent RootMetrics research shows. According to a new RootMetrics survey conducted online on its behalf by Harris Poll in May, among more than 2,000 adults in the US, 76% said a good mobile phone signal is very/somewhat important when buying a home. In contrast, only 60% said school districts and 42% said proximity to public transportation are important considerations. Other factors that were deemed very/somewhat important to Americans when buying a home include crime rate (96%); local taxes (90%); local amenities such as restaurants, parks, and shopping (84%); and hospitals (76%). Unfortunately, many of us already know what it’s like to have mobile service issues where we live: 45% of mobile phone owners indicated that they’ve experienced recurring problems with mobile phone signal or call quality at home. That kind of poor mobile phone service is about as welcome as those avocado-green appliances for home buyers today. Faced with mobile phone signal or call quality issues at a home they would consider buying or renting, 48% of mobile phone owners said they would consider switching mobile carriers, 13% would consider another property to buy/rent, 10% would switch their mobile carrier right away, and 2% would immediately choose another property. Clearly, having information on mobile performance for a potential home purchase is important to buyers. But it’s not always easy to tell what performance is really like in a brief walk-through. We’re here to help with our CoverageMap, a constantly updated online tool you can use to compare mobile network performance in specific neighborhoods or even all the way down to street level. And if you’re researching a new city and want to find mobile network performance data for an entire community, you can turn to our, Metro RootScore Reports covering 125 metro areas in the US. From inspection results to neighborhood crime rates, anyone buying a home needs as much accurate information as they can get. We’re the only ones who can provide scientifically valid, consumer-focused data on mobile network performance. It’s all a part of our mission to offer nation-to-neighborhood data to help you make informed mobile decisions. Survey Methodology This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of RootMetrics from May 12 – 14, 2015, among 2,021 adults ages 18 and older (among those surveyed, 1,872 are mobile phone owners).

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